Southern Alberta Pleistocene Project


In 2019, I had my first experience as the leader of a field expedition to relocate Pleistocene localities near the city of Medicine Hat, AB. The localities involved have not been visited in fifty years, and include the location of the only record of the sabre-toothed cat Smilodon fatalis in Canada. It is my hope that further work in this area will allow for a greater understanding of vertebrate responses to repeated cycles of local glaciation and deglaciation.

Southern Alberta Dinosaur Project

Since 2015, I have participated in the Southern Alberta Dinosaur Project (SADP) near the town of Manyberries, AB, an expedition that is led by Dr. David Evans at the Royal Ontario Museum and Dr. Michael Ryan at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. The focus of this work is in vertebrate palaeontology (specifically Cretaceous dinosaurs) and has allowed me to develop skills in prospecting, excavation, and recovery of specimens.

Rudabanya, Hungary


In 2012, I joined the field crew working at the Rudapithecus locality of Rudabanya in northeastern Hungary, led by Dr. David Begun. There, we focused on vertebrate palaeontology (specifically Miocene mammals), field identification, and excavation techniques.