Welcome! I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Canadian Museum of Nature and University of Ottawa. I study growth and life history in extant and extinct carnivorous mammals, and explore how life history contributed to extinctions in the past. I am an advocate for science communication and diversity and equity in science. Click on the links above to find out more!

My research interests cover four broad areas:

  1. Understanding the phylogeny, taxonomy, and ecology of a group of carnivorous mammals, Feliformia. This is the clade that includes cats and their closest relatives

  2. Understanding how carnivorous mammals responded to past environmental change

  3. Using ecological information to help us plan for current and future environmental change

  4. Improving & understanding the limitations of the methods we use to determine ecology in the historical and fossil record

Interested to know what has my attention these days? Feel free to check out what I’m reading on my #365papers repository.

The wonderful Smilodon bust pictured above was made by Garfield Minott.